Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~Fast Food~

Wendy's currently has the advertising slogan of:

"It's waaaaay better than fast food."

So, um, if I go through Wendy's drive through, am I to expect to sit there for fifteen minutes while they make my food? Hopefully not! If I go inside and sit down do you think someone will come take my order? I don't think so.

Or is their slogan supposed to make me think that their food is nutritionally better than other fast food restaurants?

Here's a dictionary definition of "fast food":

NOUN: Inexpensive food, such as hamburgers and fried chicken, prepared and served quickly.

In what way does Wendy's disqualify themselves as "fast food"?

Maybe they should go back to "Where's the Beef?"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Haa, haa I wonder what clever Vice President of Marketing thought this up.

I work with a group of people that really believes that Wendy's isn't really "fast food". And, I guess if I had to pick between Wendy's and Micky D's I think I have a better choice of *heathier items at Wendy's. It's still not homemade!

P.S Off topic, I LOVE your photo blog!