Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~Happy Fall, Y'all!~

Today is the official first day of fall! Happy fall!

Now that summer is over, and fall is here, I'm excited about what this fall will bring! There are apples to sauce, pumpkins to pick, fall leaves to see, crisp autumn mornings to enjoy, and soup and chili to cook!

Our church had a "tailgate" themed potluck last Sunday, and I took my tried-and-true chili recipe (posted here). Is chili on the menu for most tailgate parties? I had no idea since I've never been to a football game, much less a tailgate party, but at any rate, I thought it sounded good!

To celebrate fall, I am going to pull out my fall decorations and spruce up the living room! I'll be back later on to post a few pictures.

What are some things you and your family are looking forward to this fall?


Sharon said...

I pulled out some of our fall decorations today, too. I've been to LOTS of football games and tailgate parties and the rule is" ANYthing goes!! If it's edible, it's allowed! :) I'm sure your chili was a huge hit. What a fun idea for a church gathering - love it!

Anonymous said...

You haven't ever been to a football game?! Maybe you should add that to your 1000 thing list!