Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~Flower Beds~

My front flower beds:

A close up of the hosta:

I have hostas, cone flowers (echinacea), bleeding heart, and a few flowering annuals that I've planted. I had a few alyssum plants last year, and left them over the fall. They reseeded and I transplanted them around the front flower beds. The beds need some weeding, but otherwise I've been so pleased with them this year. I'm working on buying perennials and planting them so that I don't have to spend so much on annuals every year.


Charity said...

Very pretty!! I love the idea of perennials!

My front flower bed has been basically non-existent this year... It's been way to hot for flowers and way to hot for me to work outside much! (over 100 for the past couple of weeks or so!!) whew!!

Tammy said...

Thanks, Charity!

It's hard to get out when the weather isn't agreeable! We've had some pretty humid days this summer, and I've stayed inside for those!

emerrube said...

I love perennials! still working on the front trying to make it look decent without too much weeding!

Deb said...

Your bed looks great! Love the blooms on the hosta! I agree...perennial is the way to go. But I still plant annuals in my pots down the steps.