Thursday, July 07, 2011


//roma tomatoes//

This summer I have a garden (besides the volunteer squash plants)! I haven't mentioned it on my blog yet, I don't really know why! The garden isn't in our yard, but I feel blessed to be able to have a gardening spot made available to us that isn't too far away!

//bell peppers//

What are we growing?
Tomatoes! lots of them! We have 15 regular tomato plants and 2 cherry tomatoes.
Green beans - again, lots of them! I'll be busy canning later this summer!
Red bell peppers (4)
"Jalapa" peppers (4) - these are hot peppers but not jalapenos, so I don't know what to expect
Sugar Peas

//hot peppers//

It takes planning to get our garden watered and weeded since we have to go to it, rather than just walk out the door. But really, we don't have a spot in our yard that is ideal for growing the quantity of vegetables that we desire. So this is working out really well!


emerrube said...

I thought about doing tomatoes, but didn't. Maybe I'll find a community garden next year and try it. :) However, I did hear I should be able to purchase a bushel of tomatoes at the farmer's market for a good price in a few weeks. I really do want to can some this year. :)

Melissa Joy said...

Beautiful produce, Tammy! We're so far behind you: we're just now eating lettuce, not even peas yet! But now you make me antsy for my tomatoes to catch up. :)