Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~A Pint of Pickled Peppers~

I'm so excited! I put up a pint of pickled peppers from our garden!

My hope is that I'll have more peppers that are ready to use when my tomatoes get ripe, to make salsa with. But in the meantime my pepper plants needed harvesting so I picked them with the idea to make "nacho rings". I used a pickled pepper recipe from my canning book. The recipe called for three types of peppers, but I didn't want to buy more peppers, so I just used the one type.

In other canning news, I've put up 28 jars of jam and fruit spread, using both strawberries and cherries! Let the canning season begin!


Charity said...

Looks yummy!!! You've been busy! :)

Ashley said...

We've got black raspberries coming out our ears! I definitely need to get some canning equipment!