Thursday, July 28, 2011


Oh, hello there! Long time, no blog!

It's been kind of busy around here lately! I haven't had much to blog about, and the summer is passing so quickly I sometimes forget I have a blog.

Over the last few months, Kevin lost most of his hearing in his right ear. The last week he has been extremely dizzy (lessening each day, thankfully!). Official diagnosis is: sudden hearing loss, unexplained. So all the treatments have been for the symptoms, not the cause. Which of course is how most doctors do treatments anyhow, but it would be nice to have answers. But we don't... The expectation is that his hearing loss is permanent, though of course I'm praying that it returns!

Also, there is a little someone which keeps me super busy! This low-energy mommy got a high-energy little girl. So from morning till bedtime it's run, run, run. All day long. Which I totally love, truly! I do have a hard time keeping up with the basics though. But I'm working on it. I need some super-duper-Super-Mommy pills. If I only had half my daughter's energy, just think what I could get accomplished! But on the other hand, my husband reminds me of what I get done. I'll tell him about my day and he'll say I got a lot done. Then I'll say, "but the laundry-dishes-sweeping-mopping-ironing-scouring-dusting didn't get done" and he'll say, "But look at all you got done!" So maybe I'm just being too hard on myself. I don't know!

We've had a few problems with our garden. It seems someone else was watering our garden, by way of an overhead sprinkler. Thankyouverymuch but stop it already. ;-) Our tomatoes and peppers were not appreciating the soaking they were getting in the evening. I think the situation has been rectified (though we got tons of rain overnight last night). And, HOW ON EARTH do all the bugs find plants? I found a tomato worm munching on a tomato. Those things are terrifying. I just might find myself sobbing in the garden if I have to deal with too many of them. (And if you think I'm joking about the sobbing part, I'm not!)

We (along with a lot of others in the Midwest/East) had a super heat wave, with lots of humidity and a high heat index (which still didn't ripen our tomatoes! LOL) I'm not complaining about the heat though. I refuse to complain about heat. As much as I complain about the cold weather in the winter I will not be unhappy about hot weather. :D

And lastly, I have a stack of vintage sheets that I've been collecting. The stack is getting wobbly, so it's time to start sewing! Watch this space for Etsy news. :D

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Becky said...

I hear you about the high energy kid! Only I got 4 of them :) And also the tomato worms. Those things are disgusting. They feel all squishy just trying to pry them off the plant. On a side note, chickens love them :) Praying for Kevin's ear.