Wednesday, July 06, 2011

~The Great Squash Mystery: Update~

I know, all of my blog readers are on pins and needles, waiting to find out what my mystery squash plants are. Well, it's still somewhat of a mystery!

We have three plants. We've determined that all three plants are different. Two plants are growing like a "bush" but the other plant is sending out a long "vine". I don't know the proper terms, so excuse me if I'm wrong. ;)

One plant is growing these:

At first we thought they were acorn squash, but now we're leaning towards decorative squash. I did buy a few of those last year.

The plant with the long vine is growing these:

Maybe watermelon?

And the third plant is just starting to grow fruit, so we'll see what happens! It looks kind of round. Maybe pumpkins?


Deb said...

It definitely will be interesting to find out what you'll be cooking from those plants....or decorating with!

Monica said...

I love your mystery plants. One year I had volunteers come up and decided they were a cross between yellow squash and a zucchini -- I called them "squashini".

Anonymous said...

My Dad and I have quite a few of these popping up in our garden. I seem to think the manufacturer of the seed may have got something mixed up. I'm using them just like yellow squash because that's the only kind we like. I've tried frying them in EVOO and cornmeal, and yesterday, used them in a casserole. They smell like yellow squash when they're being cooked.