Thursday, July 14, 2011

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I'm posting a picture of my toilet because my mother asked me to. No, really, she did.

So here it is:

It's our new toilet handle. This is the box it came in:

It describes the function of the two buttons. ;-)

It's a stylish, intelligent European system. I'm not making that up, either! It's right on the box.

I'm very impressed with myself, because "I do it" all by myself! I'm not usually very handy about the house, but I've wanted to have this type of handle for a while, and when our handle broke that was the motivation to get it! Kevin was gone all day so I went to the hardware store and came home and rolled my sleeves up and got it installed. A few "ABC" videos to keep my "helper" busy, and it was done! It will be interesting to see if our water bill shows a difference in the next billing cycle.


Charity said...

Looks pretty nifty!! hmmm... the toilet handle in our main bathroom sticks, maybe I should give one of these a try! :)

Becky said...

I like how it says to use the top button with liquid and paper and the bottom for "more power", but doesn't say why! Sarah's school has this type of handle in all their bathrooms, only its up for liquid and down for "more power" as they are the traditional public toilet with the rod style flusher out the side of the pipe.

Nancy said...

Ours saved us money until the button started getting stuck and we had to replace it with another one. It will reduce your water bill! WhooHoo!

Mom said...

Thanks for the pic! This is new to me. :-)