Thursday, July 14, 2011

~Thinking Thoughts of Love~

One of my sisters has a new sales position, and one of my other sisters told her that if you look at people and think (not say! LOL) "I love you" your sales will be higher. Interesting. (Side note: I'd be scared to do this because sooner or later I would accidentally be telling random strangers that I loved them! Ha.) My mom and I were discussing this the other day, and how we should think thoughts of love towards the people we really do love!

I will admit, messes frazzle me. My daughter is 2. "I do it" is oft-heard around here, as is the phrase, "I'm making a mess" (yes, she alerts me to her naughtiness-in-progress!). So the next day after my conversation with my mom, I was washing my daughter's messy hands in the bathroom sink for the umpteenth time and I looked in the mirror and saw a frazzled mommy staring back. Not what I really wanted to see, and I figured my daughter deserved better than that face! Still looking in the mirror, I looked at my daughter and thought, "I love you" and my face instantly smoothed and relaxed. It was a pretty remarkable change of countenance!

Our thoughts drive our actions and feelings and our feelings exemplify themselves on our face and in our body language. This works in both positive and negative directions. I want to work on the positive side of things! :-)


Susan said...

Excellent thoughts, Tammy! I can think of so many situations where I can use that! And I wish I had thought of it when my mess-makers were little guys! ;)

Emily said...

I needed to hear that today! I now remember learning at some point that forcing yourself to smile can actually improve your mood, but I had never connected it to parenting. Thanks for the tip! :)

Our Family said...

Great post Tammy! Our kids NEED to see us smiling!