Monday, May 22, 2006

Handbag Woes

One day while Susan and I were instant messaging, she gave me a link to a pattern. It was an adorable handbag, and I bookmarked it because I wanted to make it. Susan hadn't yet made it.

The instructions are on the JoAnn's website, and for a company that sells fabric and patterns, one would think that they could write a decent set of instructions.


I have been sewing since I was eleven years old. For those not interested in doing the math, that means I have been sewing for over eighteen years. I have followed many patterns; and have made up my own patterns, both from instructions and of my own design.

I bought the cutest fabric for this bag. Since the pattern called for twice as much fabric as necessary (that, I think, was a conspiracy as well LOL), at least I still have fabric to make a decent bag with. The pattern drafting instructions are very unclear, and the sewing instructions are even more so. Oh, and Susan had trouble with it too, but her bag turned out nicely! (unlike mine, which looks like a terribly silly attempt at a purse!)

But, now that I'm interested in making handbags, I think I shall buy an actual printed pattern, and see how that goes. After all, I've got some adorable fabric that needs to be made up!

Alternately, if anyone knows of a good pattern online, please do share with me!


Anonymous said...

I can't say that I do Sis. My daughter Michelle made crocheted purses last year and sold lots of them. She did an awesome job. She would crochet the outside of the purses (handbag style and bookbag style) and then I would cut and sew out the lining and then she would sew them inside the purse. She made lots of really cute ones. I know that isn't what you asked for but just thought I'd mention it just because. :)

Tammy said...

Sis. Julie, those sound cute! Do you have any pictures of them?

Magistra Mommy said...

Hi Tammy!
JoAnn's patterns can be sort of "wonky" at times. I have had bad experiences with those cute little project cards that look so inspiring and easy...WRONG! LOL

If I come across a cute pattern, I'll let you know. Right now, my diaper bag has kind of become my purse! :o)

Your friend,
Mrs. Wilt

Kelli said...

Tammy, you never disappoint me, always doing something creative! And what a blessing it must be to have all that experience sewing! All the best with your new project!

Roberta said...

Glad to know this! I had bookmarked the vintage bag and also the retro bag (or something like that) from JoAnn's and would have been greatly discouraged as I have NOT been sewing since age 11. :) I bought an inexpensive pattern with a little totebag, after I attempt it I let you know the results.

Anonymous said...

I am wanting to make some bag/purses also. Simplicity #4597 (you can see it at is a cute pattern. My idea was to not put the pockets on the outside, but on the inside and customize them for my phone, wallet, etc. They have some other cute purse patterns that you could easily alter, or combine pieces from different patterns. We tend to do that a lot around here as my 21yo is about a size one and we can't find patterns for her.

Tammy said...

Lora, thanks for the pattern info. JoAnn's is having a sale on their Simplicity patterns this weekend, and I plan on going and getting a pattern then!

That's a nice idea, about putting pockets on the inside, instead of the outside.