Tuesday, November 07, 2006

~Football and Knitting~

As funny a combination these may sound, they actually go hand-in-hand. Kevin watches football, and I knit. I do not watch the game, and Kevin does not knit. *Grin* But we’re both sitting in the living room, usually on the couch together.

Something that has carried over from my big-sister days, is the fact that I can tune most anything out. That fact has its good points and bad points. The good thing about it is that I can create my own little world in a room full of noise. The bad thing about it is that I might tune out stuff I need to listen to: like a sermon in church, for instance. (Not that I do that, I'm just saying it's possible! *Smiles*) As I’m sitting in the living room merrily knitting away, Kevin thinks I’m watching the game, or at least following along. I’m not. The only thing I remotely pay attention to is the advertisements. (hehe) When he makes a remark about something that has just happened, well, he has to tell me about it (or rewind it, since we have DVR now).

It's quite nice to have each other's company in the evenings, even if we are not enjoying the same things!

I realize that quite possibly there are knitters who enjoy watching football while knitting. But not I. =)

Football image from www.gracecollection.com
knitting image from www.readjulia.com/uk.htm


Musiclover said...

Please tell me the secret of tuning out noise, Tammy! It's one of my bugbears. We live in an apartment, and I start to feel so irritated if I hear neighbours' rap music or whatever, that I just can't concentrate on what I'm doing. I'd love to be able to tune it all out an remain feeling calm.

My hubby is one of 3 boys, and he is not disturbed by anything. Even if a rock band played in our bedroom, I think he would sleep peacefully through it :)

Cindi said...

LOL, My husband doesn't watch much football, but he does watch things that don't interest me. I also knit or do some type of handwork while he is watching TV. I enjoy the fact of being in the room with him. Sometimes when I sew he comes in the sewing room and reads his e-mail or plays a computer game. We just enjoy being together even if we are doing different things.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I do like to watch football and baseball, but not enough to just sit and what them. I knit and crochet during that time, too.

I used to try and read, but invariably something exciting would occur and I've had to ask my husband what just happened - and he'd have to explain. With knitting, I can half pay attention.

I'm the youngest sister, and was the only one at home for a lot of years, but I can still tune out about anything. I can say for sure that I've missed many things I was supposed to be listening to because I was lost in my own dream world.

Heather said...

My husband and I are old pros at the sharing-the-same-space-while-doing-different-things routine. While he does not really watch sports on TV often (he prefers to watch the game in person) he does like to play video games (I have found this is very typical of persons in the computer industry). He has actually hooked up his mac mini to a projector...which he projects onto the wall for the ultimate big screen tv effect. This way he can sit on the couch with me (I am knitting, of course), play a video game, and watch something on the Tivo or a DVD - all at the same time! I guess we both are multi-taskers by nature, lol.

I do find this much more satisfying than if he was off in a computer room at the other end of the house and we did not look at or talk to each other.

I think one of the reasons that our marriage is so successful is that we enjoy spending time together and being in close proximity to one another, even if we are not engaged in the same activities.

Birdie said...

I tend to crochet, scrapbook, or blog during football games! Unlike you, however, I have a 15yob who makes SURE that I am keeping up with the scores and keeps piping up to give me running commentary on the games!

Susan said...

Oh, I can create my own little world too! I can sit and read in the middle of anything.

Heather, my husband was a computer programmer in the Air Force (he's a pastor now) for 7 years. He has been hooked on computer games for 20 years or so, I guess - from the time the very first home computers were coming on the market. We have a projector - I hope he doesn't decide to put his games on the wall! ;)

Anonymous said...

Aha! I do that except that I embroider...hubby used to resent me doing things while he watched television - but I am not a television kinda person. I brought a television to college because I won one at post-prom. I hid it after I got sick of my roommate watching it.

When I started embroidery again we found a way to work it out. I embroider and hubby watches whatever is on that interests him and right now, yes, that would be football...I do follow it a bit but I wouldn't watch it all if I weren't embroidering.

Anonymous said...

I just jumped over to your photos. I have to get off this computer and work!! But, I wanted to tell you, I loved the week of modest dress...I am not always that thoughtful in my dress, but I loved the way it works - it lets your inner beauty shine.

And I love, your pinky cross stitch - I love it, love it, love it...

Her said...

The only time I can tune out the world is when I am reading. Other than that I pick up everything which can be annoying most of the time. :)

Arlene said...

LOL, you guys are so cute :o)