Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today's Small Thing was to corral the shoes around your home. It was very timely, because just yesterday I had gone through my shoes and selected the ones I need to throw out. Shoes aren't that big of a "thing" for me, so I had quite a few ratty pairs that just need to be tossed out! I also thought it was funny, because I have the bad habit of kicking my shoes off wherever, so shoes end up in all rooms of the house. No, not a very tidy habit! There were three pairs and a pair of slippers under the dining room table alone! LOL

Since we don't take our shoes off at the door, I tend to kick my shoes off when I sit down. I definitely like to have shoes on when I'm working around the house though.

Next on my shopping list: a pair of navy dress shoes. And then, a pair of "fun" shoes. I need to get my "fun" in before I get too old. Hehe.


~~Deby said...

in our state most of us take shoes off in the house..yours and others...but now I have inside shoes...and LOVE them...I posted on them yesterday..never thught that I would do it..

Tori Leslie said...

In Texas we never took our shoes off but here in Croatia we do. Croats just don't wear shoes in the house and we've slowly caught on. It's usually too cold to be barefoot, unless your a teenage boy (my boys).

I should go straighten my shoes, huh??? *Ü*

Anonymous said...

Oh my this really is an area I need to deal with. I can hardly find my boots in the morning under the pile of shoes under our stairs.

BTW the frozen balloon idea you mentioned on my blog is great, I might just try that!