Saturday, February 16, 2008

~How Fetching~

As defined by Webster's New World College Dictionary:

fetch·ing adj. attractive; charming

Knitty's definition of Fetching:

I made these to go with my cabled scarf (same yarn used). I started them on Feb. 3rd, finished one and decided to pull it all out because it didn't cover my knuckles/palm. Then yesterday I looked at it and decided to add two more cable repeats to mirror the cuff. I just now finished the second one.

How fetching...a fun little novelty project. I do like my fingers to be warm, but I can see the benefit of these when I run my errands! I won't have to pull my gloves off to get into my purse for my bank card, keys, etc.


Unknown said...

Beautiful job Tammy!

Dawn said...

Tammy... yours are wonderful!!!
Don't you just love them??

I need to learn to knit.
Can't continue to rely on Rachel for all my knitting wants.

Jodi said...

Oh, I like the way you repeated the cable ... I actually like yours better than the original. Great color, too.