Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~Dish Cloth~

FO from January:

Pattern: My Coffee Cup Cloth
Yarn: Red Heart Ltd. Cotton Twist
Needles: Size 6

I don't know why, but dishcloths make a fun project, and it is hard for me to resist making them. The only thing is, I can't stand to use them to wash my dishes! LOL This one ended up being a gift to my grandma, who does enjoy using them! :-)


Anonymous said...

I made one exactly like that before--it was fun and it's cute when it's finished. Great gift!

Susan said...

I love using them! I've made a couple of crocheted dish cloths, and I have one knitted one that was a gift.

Marie Anne said...

This is adorable, Tammy! I love dishcloths too, but I crochet mine. I even have some I use as washcloths and they're great for gentle exfoliating without being too rough.

Melody said...

I LOVE it! I'm not good at knitting at all, but really enjoy seeing the projects you post!