Saturday, June 19, 2010


Earlier this month we went to California for my siser's wedding. The crocheted namepiece was framed. And about 1/2" too wide for our suitcase. Grrr. We'll be sending it via UPS soon.

The day after the wedding, we went up to the Sequoia National Forest. We went to Grant Grove, and then a little drive up to Panoramic Point. The tree pictures are from Grant Grove, and then the mountain views are from the Panoramic Point. It was beautiful up there! The last time I was at Panoramic Point was August of 1999. Kevin and I were dating, and we spent a day up at the mountains with another couple. The next day, Kevin left to go back to college. Ah, memories! :-)

It's hard to depict the grandeur of these trees. They are the world's largest and oldest trees. (Not the tallest, but the largest.) The trunks are enormous.


Charity said...

Beautiful!! It sounds like you had a fun trip! I've been to the Redwoods in northern California. They are amazing!

Mrs.Vicki said...

Ten years ago we took our girls on a long roadtrip and saw the redwoods at the northern part of California. I still remember how speechless they make you.