Monday, March 07, 2011


Thrift stores and I just do not get along very well. I try. I really do. I go in with a positive outlook. Dig through racks of clothes? Sure, no problem. Try on 30 things? Why not?

But then I come out of the store with nothing. Well, nothing for me. Last week I tried on so many clothes and found one shirt for myself. When I took it to the check out, examined it better and discovered a stain and a hole. Back on the rack it went. I came home with this:

Ninety-nine cents isn't bad for a barely-used Old Navy jumper. Too bad it wasn't in my size. ;-)

Then on Saturday I was out shopping and decided to stop in to another thrift store. But this time I didn't even glance at the women's clothing racks. I didn't feel like trying on dirty laundry. (Yes, I know they supposedly wash it all, but it still feels gross to me!). Instead I hit the linen racks. I have been looking for vintage sheets and coming up empty. But look what I found! Two pillowcases and a full flat sheet! Suh-weet!

I don't know what I'll be doing with these, but I'm excited to have found them. :-)


Susan said...

Love the little jumper! :)

I've just started collecting vintage sheets too. I was originally going to make a quilt out of them, but I've just started making reusable shopping bags to put in my shop, so I think I'm going to use some of my sheet stash to make a few bags. I love them!

emerrube said...

Thinking of second hand stores...I definitely can't get myself to even try on the shoes. Not sure why. I suppose people could've tried them on at the regular new show store...but can't get myself to do it at the second hand store.

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randi said...

i am pretty sure that i have that same jumper for aubry. it's super small on her now. :)

nice haul!

Kim said...

Have you seen the pillowcase dresses everyone is making to send to 3rd world countries? Just Google it - tons of patterns out there. Vintage sheets could probably be used to make several play outfits for your daughter.

Tammy said...

Susan, I can't wait to see what you've come up with for your Etsy shop!

Rebecca, I'm with you on the shoes! People sweat in their shoes and there isn't really a good way to clean them. I knew someone who sprayed Lysol in used shoes before she wore them, but that still seems gross to me. (Not to mention the chemicals you would absorb from the Lysol!)

Randi, how fun to have the same jumper! :-)

Kim, that's funny, I was just looking at some blogs that are doing the Dress a Girl Around the World! I have thought about pillowcase dresses, and the crocheted pillowcase will probably end up as a pillowcase dress! The design on the green pillowcase is printed sideways so it won't work as a dress.

Ruth said...

Uh, oh! Did the vintage sheets collecting mania hit you, too?!!! You got some great finds! :)