Friday, June 24, 2011

~Phew! I found it!~

A while back, someone recommended a book to me. I checked it out of the library. It was a paperback fiction, and I didn't care for the writing style and some of the content, so I never finished it (though I did read the end! LOL).

It disappeared.

I renewed it twice.

I asked the librarian if it had been returned and not checked in (thinking I had returned it and forgotten that I had returned it). Nope.

I determined to look methodically through every room in the house. Particularly in the low spots. ;-)

Bathroom: No

Hallway: No

Kitchen: Hello lost book! It was on top of my crock pot, in a lower cabinet.

I'm so glad this book wasn't thrown away or permanently lost! I wouldn't have minded so much if it were a book I'd actually enjoyed, but I didn't really want to replace a book I didn't even like! :P


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found it! (o:

emerrube said...

did a little halfling put it there? lol glad you found it though!

Tammy said...

Yeah, it was definitely not me. I don't stash my books in cupboards. LOL