Friday, July 29, 2011


A dear friend of my mother-in-law's passed away, and her daughter asked if I'd like some of the patterns and fabric. I got the box from my mother-in-law today. It was interesting to see the patterns, because so many of them were ones that I was familiar with.

It was funny to see all the Daisy Kingdom patterns. For many years, my grandma made us a dress for our birthday each year. For several years it was a given that it would be a dress made with a Daisy Kingdom pattern (I neatly escaped the Daisy Kingdom dresses, I don't think they came in teen sizes! LOL).

Not a problem for 1994. But when the dress got passed down, as it happens in a family with 8 girls, the girls having to wear the dresses in 2004 shed a few tears. And finally my mom conceded that perhaps they didn't have to wear the Daisy Kingdom dresses any longer.

I remember my mom making this dress for my younger sister. The pattern is marked 1983, so that's probably when my mom made it.

She did the embroidery too, I just remember loving the cute little birds. The dress was blue like the pattern as well.

I got this dress, view B for my 14th birthday, from my Grandma.

Bunnies, lots of bunnies. The 1990's were full of bunnies for my mom. I don't know how many she made but she made a lot. Big ones, little ones, medium ones. For herself, for gifts, for gifts for us.

I decided I wanted mice rather than bunnies. I started a pair of mice, which never got finished.

My Grandma had a pattern similar to this one, and made my sister 5 play dresses for her 5th birthday.

One of my sisters had a dress like this:

And at least one, if not more, of my sisters had a dress like this:

Not quite the same pattern:

But my dad's mom made me an outfit very similar:


Monica said...

How nice for you to have grandmothers that sewed for you and your sisters. It looks like you are having fun looking through all of the patterns :)

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Such good memories!It shows that someone wanted you to look nice.

Susan said...

That was a fun walk down memory lane! LOL I **loved** the Daisy Kingdom dresses. Beth was born in 1993, so they were popular when she was a little girl. I never made her one, though, for which she would be thankful now. She doesn't like ruffles and lace at all.

Both of my grandmothers sewed for me when I was little. I still remember several of them. I think it's been long enough that they'd be back in style now! LOL

jen said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane ! My mum made alot of my clothes too and these look quite familiar- either on me or my 2 sisters!

I was lucky to have a mum who could sew-I never appreciated it then but now I realize the love and time she put in-


sheridan said...

Ummm... I think I had a dress from every one of those patterns...

Becky Dempsey said...

It seems like it wasn't that long ago but I guess it has been! I graduated from college in 1994, so I didn't wear Daisy Kingdom dresses, but I remember them very well!

Sarah said...

The bunnies!! LOL These were all the rage at arts and crafts fairs! My mom had a little family in a wagon in our dining room. :)