Thursday, September 01, 2011


I keep seeing something on crafting blogs and crafty sites that just really bothers me.

Maybe I'm silly. Or maybe I'm too "honest". Maybe I'm an old fuddy-duddy.

But why is it ok to walk into a store and walk out with craft project materials, without paying for anything?

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Paint chips.

And more...

The pictures above are more than, "I was painting the kitchen and couldn't decide on which color to paint so I have a lot of paint chips. I think I'll make something with the extra paint chips I have."

So. Do tell me. Am I being silly? Do you think it's ok to take paint chips for whatever the project might be?


sheridan said...

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Unless you are really having trouble agreeing on a paint color for your kitchen or what ever you are painting, then the only reason I can think of for having that many paint chips is that you are a professional painter and you probably would have your own set already.

Tammy said...

Julie, I have seen several projects (one Etsy seller I've seen comes to mind) in which the person was recycling a professional paint chip book which was outdated. Projects from those sources are a wonderful way to recycle/upcycle and of course I have no problem with that! :)

Monica said...

You bring up a good point. I had no idea people were out there collecting paint chips for crafting projects. I guess if I was inclined to do something like this, I would talk to the manager and ask him how he wanted to handle the transaction. There might be a chance he would say you could have them for nothing since he is supplied them from the paint companies; but that leaves the cost to the paint companies ..... hmmmmm interesting problem.

Emily said...

No, I don't think you should take that many without compensating the store...but I have to say, I really like that coffee table!

Sara said...

I would never have thought of this. I really like the table, but I think the wall looks dumb. LOL I don't know how you would go about paying for something like that though.

emerrube said...

I think it's stealing...unless you asked and they said take them. The thing is I've been watching people more and more push boundaries for and about things. It's really sad.

Tammy said...

Monica, good point about asking. I wonder what a manager would say if you asked to take a few hundred paint chips?

Emily, I like the coffee table too. :)

Sara, I agree about the wall. LOL

Rebecca, you are right about people pushing boundaries!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

It's bothered me, too. I think if you really want to do it, you should talk to the manager and buy the chips.

Of course, no one would know you paid for them. So?

I think I'll pass.