Thursday, February 02, 2012

~Fast Food Free February~

Try saying that 10 times fast!

On the 31st, I talked with Kevin and convinced him to do a no-fast food challenge for the month of February. He agreed, with one condition: Taco Bell for dinner. LOL

We don't typically swing through the drive through a lot, but our consumption rate has been creeping up. It is a convenient, though unhealthy, answer to the "what's for dinner?" dilemma on the way home from church or the cure to "I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight".

So far we're doing great. ;-) I was actually tempted today - my daughter and I were out grocery shopping during lunch, and a baked potato and chili from Wendy's would have been so easy and quick. And besides, Wendy's isn't fast food, right? Remember their slogan a while back? "We're waaay better than fast food." You can't compare yourself to something you are, right? Like I wouldn't say, "girls are better than girls" because that just doesn't make sense! LOL But I resisted, and we came home and ate leftovers.

Would anyone like to join with me for a Fast Food Free February? You can make your own rules up! For our family it means no Wendy's, Burger King, McDonald's, Little Caesars, Taco Bell, etc. If it's fast, it's out!


Susan said...

A very worthy goal! :) My husband would die, though. He loves a Fat Burger (do you have Fat Burger there?) every now and then, and he also loves donuts from the local coffee shop. He might shrivel up and blow away! LOL

Deb said...

Hi Tammy ~ getting a quick bite out is a real treat for me! We don't overdo it at all...but sometimes on busy Saturdays when we're rushing to quilt class and then Costco and such...a stop at Subway or Chic-Fi-la hits the spot. I actually have a Subway card that's good for a free footlong sub! And my sister gave me a $10 Chic-Fi-La card for Christmas. I think February is calling my name to use them. :)

emerrube said...

Feb is bad for us since we'll be traveling, but in general I've been trying not to go out to eat as much. And I'm actually sick of most of these places anymore anyway. Wendy's and Subway are still okay for me, but the rest. Bleh. But if John stops at any of them...I'll eat there too. :)

Melody said...

What a great idea! I'll have to see what hubby thinks.....but we have already blown it so far!

I got a late start grocery shopping yesterday, so we grabbed a bite at Wendy's. Then we ordered pizza for dinner (a Friday night treat for us).

We don't eat out much, but the fast food frequency is increasing. I am starting to notice a correlation between fast food consumption and one son's behavior though, so it's definitely worth investigating.

Ooh - Stephen says it's fine with him. We'll join you!

sheridan said...

And dd just learned how to say 'fry'. LOL!

We eat out rarely anyway, but it is a challenge to continue to our house rather than stop on occasion. I think being deliberate about focusing on our financial goals will help with this. (each penny spent on fast food = less $$ to put toward our goals)