Thursday, August 30, 2012

~Garden Bounty~

Yesterday I was busy in the kitchen, utilizing food from our garden.

I cut chives, and poured melted butter over them. Frozen little cubes of chive butter! I did the same with basil, just with olive oil. I'm looking forward to using these herbs in the fall and winter months.
I'm done canning pickles, but I had a bowl full of cucumbers that would have otherwise gone to waste. I made 4 quarts of refrigerator pickles.

This year we grew watermelon in our garden. First and last time. ;-) Watermelons take a lot of space! They sure are good though! I cut and seeded a watermelon so it is more convenient to eat.

I also washed enough basil for pesto but I didn't get to making it yet. I'll do that today, along with some canning that I plan to do.


Deb said...

Sounds busy but very delicious!

Tammy said...

Busy is right! :) I didn't get to my canning till yesterday! Still have more to do...

Polish Stoneware said...

Interesting, in Poland we pickle whole cucumbers.