Thursday, January 24, 2013

~"Fancy" Breakfast~

Recently I saw a post over at Simple Kids titled 5 Healthier Breakfast Options, and I decided to give the parfaits a try.

As soon as my daughter saw what I was doing, it changed from "Breakfast" to "Party" and we had to eat our parfaits in the living room at the coffee table (because that's the happening party place, don't you know).

We enjoyed our parfaits (vanilla yogurt, blueberry fruit spread from last summer, and granola I had made the day before). While breakfast isn't typically a struggle, it was nice to have something fun and easy.


Anonymous said...

that's interesting. how long does it keep?

Tammy said...

I don't think it would keep very well - the granola would get soggy. I just made them right before we ate them.