Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Last fall, I planted pansies in my front flower beds. Not very many - just six plants. I wanted to see how they would do. And would they really come back in the spring??? Well, after a very harsh winter, I am pleased to report that they did indeed come back, and they are doing beautifully! It is so nice to have some color in the front without having had to do anything (this spring) to get it!

Early in the spring

Beauty shot
I don't know how long the blooms will last into summer, but you can be sure that I will be planting even more this coming fall!


Anonymous said...

Look at those "pretties" as my daughter called them when she was a toddler.

Anonymous said...

that's cool those did that. :)

Julie said...

I love pansies! They have such cheerful little faces! Violas are my absolute favourites! Did you know that both pansies and violas are excellent for pressing?

robinhood said...

Beautiful. I love these colors. In Montana, pansies can be found in full bloom under the snow in the middle of winter.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Tammy!!!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for still having your "personal blog"!!! (And you are right! It IS the personal blogs that are disappearing and these are the very kind I love!!!).

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial with your family!!