Thursday, July 17, 2014

~Weight Loss~

Well, I've done it! I reached my goal weight - and have maintained for the past two + months! I lost a total of 40 pounds and dropped four sizes! I feel so much better - I have so much more energy, more endurance for physical activities, and hey! shopping for clothes got a whole lot easier!

I originally set out to lose 50 pounds, but when I hit the 40-pound mark, I maintained for a month. When my doctor told me that I didn't need to lose any more weight, I decided that I was at my goal weight! :D It seems to be the "right" weight for me.

It took me from July 2013 to May 2014 to lose these 40 pounds, with a ton of focus and accounting for every bite of food that entered my lips. I was so fanatical about counting calories that once or twice I spit food out when I realized how many calories I would be consuming! From where I am now, I can tell you that all that calorie counting was SO worth it!

It was really hard but rewarding to work on my weight! For years and years I had allowed my weight to creep up. I didn't have the dedication, the know-how, or the ambition to lose weight! When I tried, I would use exercise as my (only) tool. But that didn't work well - about 10 years ago I worked out for six months total and only lost 15 pounds. When I quit exercising as faithfully I put it all back on, plus some. But one day, I said, "enough is enough" and loaded the app "Lose it!" on my Kindle. I think the first four weeks I started counting calories I was constantly hungry! I couldn't stop thinking about food! I didn't realize what a vice food had over me! If I was sad, food. If I was stressed, food. If I was lonely, food. If I was bored, food. If I was upset, food. If I needed a reward, food. You name it, food was my answer!

So now, I maintain! I'm excited to share part of my journey with you today, thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

You look marvelous!

Becky Dempsey said...

You've done good! What do you do now instead of food for those times of stress and etc?

Anonymous said...

yay you! I'm with Becky...curious to know what you do now instead of food for stress, boredom, etc.

Tammy said...

Thank you. :)

I try to stay out of the kitchen! When I start opening the fridge and cupboards when it isn't meal time, I try to think about what I'm doing, shut those doors and get out of the kitchen! I also make myself a cup of tea, which gives me something to consume but no calories (or only a little if I sweeten it with a little honey).

Deb said...

Tammy, congratulations!!! You deserve it! Love the difference in the After photo.

I started counting WW points in November '13 and so far have lost 73 lbs. I have about that same amount to still lose! It's hard, but I'm determined this time around!

Dawn said...

You look fabulous!!!

Tammy said...

Wow, Deb, that's awesome! Keep up the good (and hard!) work! :)

Thank you, Dawn.

Julie said...

Well done! You look fabulous! Your self discipline is very inspirational. Well done again!