Saturday, November 01, 2014

~On Canning~

I'm through with my canning endeavor for this year. 
I keep thinking of things that would be "fun" to can, 
and then I stop myself.
We have enough. 
I worked hard enough.
We were blessed with bounty,
 and give thanks for the provisions for this coming year.
My shelves hold many more jars than ever before.
This year I caned 340 jars worth of canned goods.
Three hundred forty.
That's a lot.
And a lot of work.

In late September,
 my daughter and I went for a drive and picked Concord grapes.
They were organic.
Worms, naturally!
I donned latex gloves in the end to power through the worms and grapes. 
I'm rethinking my desire for organic.

The finished product - 21 jars of juice and 8 jars of jam.
Worms not included.
Not that you can see, anyhow.

A view into my (not so very messy) kitchen.
It got worse than this.
Way worse.

The apples I purchased.
Some friends gave us 2 bushels of apples.
Then I bought 1 1/2 bushels of apples.
Besides sauce, I froze some, and we ate a lot. 
None went to waste this year (well, an occasional apple fell prey to mold).

In my new pan (seen above as well). 
It served me well this preserving season. 
The only thing I'd change, really, is for it to be heavy-bottomed.
Heavy bottoms are good (in pans anyhow). 

I didn't take a lot of pictures. 
First, I was busy.
Secondly, I need a new camera. 
If you'd like to take a look at my whole (super long) list,
 see "Food '14" above.
I praise the Lord for this year's canning adventure!
I had less back pain than the previous few years have held,
and I utilized our garden produce so much better this year.
God be praised!


Anonymous said...

You are a glutton for punishment ;) ,.....but that looks awesome! Jealous...

Tammy said...

Ha! You're a fast commenter. :)

Thank you! I'd share with you if I were closer. :)

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, you have been busy. Gonna be good eating at your house!