Sunday, April 19, 2015

52 Projects (Project 11)

Last Saturday, I got the fabric for this t-shirt at Hobby Lobby. It's always nerve-wracking to sew for myself because I never know if the garment is going to fit well until I get it cut and mostly sewn. And with this case, a free pattern only available in one size, I was worried that it would be completely the wrong size. 

So, I got the least expensive fabric I could find, to make a wearable muslin. I made it on Wednesday, and wore it today.

Not that it's my goal to receive compliments (!) but I was on the happy end of about 10 compliments, from a 5-year old all the way up to an 80-something-year old. 

Now, because it is a little looser around the hips I was worried about looking pregnant. All was well, until the end of the service and someone asked me point blank if I were pregnant. "Because," she said, "I seen [sic] you wear a tight shirt last week and now you're wearing a loose top this week, so I thought maybe you were pregnant."

No. See? Do I look pregnant? Can I not wear a looser shirt???

Who am I? Lucy? Oh! I'm expecting! I'd better find the tent section!!!


That aside, I would like to make another shirt out of this pattern. I might make a few alterations to the pattern before cutting it out, but overall, I like the way it turned out. It was a fun, rather quick sew.

Cost: $9.81
Running Cost: $29.23


Susan said...

You most definitely do NOT look pregnant! LOL I had someone insist I was pregnant once. I assured her I was not - I think I should know - but anyway. I LOVE this top, Tammy! I think the panels make it slimming, and the fit looks very comfortable. Great job on it!

Deb said...

Looks very nice, Tammy! Some folks just like to mind other people's business. It's hard to ignore them, but you have to. :)

Haha on the Lucy pic...we remember that one well! Good job on your new top.

Melissa Joy said...

Grrr... some people. Rolling my eyes. Sigh.
Anyway, you look totally chic. And I think the way you paneled the shirt is really slimming and super cute. Love it!
And LOL about Lucy... seriously...

Tammy said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! :-)

Jenny said...

No no no no, you don't look like you're expecting! Nowadays with everything being so tight it seems if someone wears something even slightly less fitted, they must be expecting. Once I was at a carnival with my little boy and we were getting on a little kid roller coaster together. The young man told me I couldn't get on. I asked why and since he couldn't speak English, he gestured a "pregnant belly." I couldn't believe he thought I was pregnant just because I was wearing an empire waist dress. At least he was being cautious, though.

Regarding people asking -- I can't believe someone asked that! I'm currently 23 weeks along, and last month really started to look pregnant rather than plump. A lot of people have said they wondered, but not a one asked. I've had several acquaintances say they never ask, because they've been in the uncomfortable position of having been asked that, too.

You look great, and your sewing skills are amazing!!!!!!