Saturday, May 16, 2015

52 Projects (Project 13)

the baby book

This turned out to be quite a project. I knew it would be, which is why I have procrastinated so long on its completion! I worked on it in little chunks of time over the last few weeks, and finally finished it up this week! In the beginning, I had a long list of pages that had details missing, facts to find, and pictures to print.

To dress it up a little, I got some washi tape that matched the Winnie the Pooh scheme, and some vintage Winnie the Pooh stickers that go along with the book. They aren't the Classic Pooh like the book, but I thought they added a nice touch.

The pictures are all printed and in, the information all written down. Let me tell you, this project was long overdue and I'm quite relieved to have it done!

The thing that prompted me to start this project was getting an mPerks coupon for 10 free photo prints! I ended up using eleven prints in this book, so I only had to pay for the one extra.

Cost: $4.66 (scrapbooking glue tape, stickers, washi tape, and photo print)
Running Cost: $33.89


Anonymous said...

good fun and memories!

Becky Dempsey said...

Ah yes, the baby book. Sarah's is started, not so much has made it into the other 3!