Friday, June 05, 2015

52 Projects (Project 15)

"hello" sign

I've been wanting something new to put up on the front porch by the door. After I painted my tray, I thought of using a frame and making a banner to hang in it.

For some reason, we have a lot of frames down in the basement. I don't recall ever having 20 pictures all hanging up in our house, but I guess it is possible. I think we just bought a new frame every time we got a new picture. But why, I'm not sure. So anyhow, old frame = free. I bought the pennants and yellow paint from Hobby Lobby. The twine is from a spool Kevin uses in the garden.

I started out with four pennants, and had to go back and paint another pennant. Clearly, "hello" without an "o" would not make an inviting sign for the front door.

The pennants are made of chip board, so they are sturdyish. I was able to use a hole punch to punch the holes. Initially I thought I'd have to drill the holes but the drill actually tore them up.

I've had the frame painted with the "hello" pennant attached for a few weeks, but I just wasn't satisfied with it. My sister suggested burlap or fabric behind the frame, and I mulled on that for awhile. I finally came up with the idea to put a piece of vintage sheet behind it. And now I'm happy with it!

Cost: $2.70
Running Cost: $43.55

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Melissa Joy said...

This is PERFECTLY adorable ~ the end. There's nothing else to say.