Tuesday, December 08, 2015


We went to South Carolina for Thanksgiving this year. It was a very nice time with family. I'm the oldest of nine children, and seven of us, and my parents, were gathered together. That's quite a feat, considering we came from all over: Michigan, Tennessee, Oregon, and California. It has been a while since we've personally been able to be with so many family members at one time (almost 3 years), and I had a nephew (1 1/2 years old) and a niece (2 years old) whom I hadn't met yet!

The weather was gorgeous while we were there. Warm! And no snow or threat of snow! :-) 

My sister took some pictures of us, the first one we were joking around, but I really love it. Just Kevin and me having a fun time together.

And then we got serious for our picture:

Last month I turned 39. So close to 40...anyhow, I decided to change things up and get a different hairstyle. I like the way it turned out! But I'm still trying to get the hang of styling it, so we'll see how long it lasts! :-)


Melissa Joy said...

Beautiful, Tammy! Just lovely.

Mrs. U said...

LOVE your hair, Tammy!!!!

What part of SC? We are in Atlanta but were in Augusta, GA, for almost 14 years before the Lord changed up our plans. LOL