Friday, February 12, 2016


I took Heather's Hibernate workshop this year. I've wanted to take it in the past, as enjoying winter is just not something I embrace. The workshop did not disappoint.

There were several projects I completed that I wanted to share:

a dishcloth knit out of thin cotton yarn, and two fuzzy yarn bowls

Our weather here is cold, cold, cold...I'm looking forward to spring but trying not to be anxious about it! Our winter has been so mild compared to past winters, I really can't complain (well, I can and I have complained...but I'm trying not to!)

Tonight: we're going to look at a bike for ME! Then I can go bike riding with my daughter! (When the roads are no longer snowy, of course! ;-) )


emerrube said...

did you get the bike?

Tammy said...

I did! It's in our basement right now which is not exactly the best backdrop for a picture. ;-) It's a simple 7-speed Schwinn. I think it will be perfect for my casual biking trips.

emerrube said...

cool :)