Friday, October 07, 2016

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

Our house is slowly coming together and looking a little homier! Today I took some time and hung some things up in the kitchen.

The breakfast nook. I'm still trying to decide if I want to hang curtains, and if so, how to go about it. Feel free to weigh in! I also have my eye on a piece of art from Etsy for that large wall. We got the table and chairs from Craigslist. They're solid wood, and older. It was hard to find something that would fit in our space and not cost a lot!

Looking into the kitchen from the breakfast nook.

The previous owners painted the side of the cabinet in chalkboard paint. I decided to go with the flow. I wouldn't have done this but I didn't want to try matching paint to the cabinets! So I hung my "eat" sign up, printed out some vintage recipe cards and newspaper clippings and hung them with tiny clothes pins.

Here's a closer look:

There you have it! Slowly but surely, things are settling in!


Anonymous said...

That's a nice roomy kitchen! I, myself, would not add curtains. I like the clean, simple look of just the blinds. Maybe add some plants. It looks like a great spot for houseplants.

maryrose said...

Tammy, I love the new kitchen! That sweet cupboard with the glass front is so precious! It would be fun to change out dishes for the seasons. I think you will have fun with that chalkboard, too. So far, it looks great! As for curtains, I often feel they finish off a window somehow. It would also be a great opportunity to add some color to a white kitchen. Maybe just a valance, hung a little higher so that it doesn't block much light? Great job making your house a home!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but no! Don't do a valance. Valances look old-lady.

maryrose said...

Lol! I wasn't referred by to those old lady poofy valances. I was thinking of something classier like a box balance or a panel hung from drapery ring clips. Try browsing sites like Ballard for some inspiration!

Unknown said...

Hi Tammy -
It's WendySue from HP. The funniest thing - I was reading an old post on Mavis' One Hundred Dollars a Month blog on a share your pantry challenge. And I started reading one by a Tammy in Michigan and then it talked about the olives and showed the pictures of your canning shelves and I knew it was you. And it was!!! Too funny!

Just saying I've missed "seeing you" and was surprised to see you've moved! What a big change.

Hugs to you!

Melissa Joy said...

Tammy!!! I have often wondered how your move went, and randomly stopped by to see if you had updated. You have! I am delighted for you. Your new house is so lovely! I'm praising the Lord for His good mercies and kind provision. What a good Father He is.
Peace and joy to you all! (((hugs)))

Tammy said...

Anon -the breakfast nook windows are still bare (beyond the blinds) but don't worry, no granny valances are going up. ;-)

MaryRose - I thought a fun print for the curtains to add color, hung high, would be nice. But I don't know how to deal with the corner windows. So for now they stay the way they are.

Wendy - I love Mavis's blog! That's funny that you came across my post there. Those olives have a sad tale though...alas, they never did cure properly!

Melissa - thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment!