Tuesday, July 03, 2007

~Gift Cards~

After reading an online article that both shamed gift card buyers, and proclaimed their thoughtfullness (Hmm? how can both be true? Apparently if you give a gift card to a store it is tacky, but if you give a gift card for a spa it is perfectly fine), I thought I'd write my thoughts on gift cards!

I, for one, love to receive a gift card. I am not going to look down my nose on a gift! No siree! The fact that someone was thinking of me, and wanted to give me something is enough to be thankful for. I have yet to receive a gift card that I haven't had use for. Why would I think that a $30 gift card is rude? Someone spent money on me, and they took the time to get the gift card at the store they thought I would most enjoy.

I have given gift cards as well. Sometimes I send gift cards as birthday gifts to family members. We have given gift cards for stores and restaurants. Last year as part of our Christmas present to my family, we gave them a check for a certain place they like to eat at. They took some fun and crazy pictures of the meal, and it was enjoyable to get those by e-mail later on!

Personally, I do not feel it is rude to give a gift card. I think it is rude to feel any gift is rude!

Now, of course, it is always a pleasure to open a gift that someone thoughtfully picked out for you. I love to be on the receving end as well as the giver of such gifts, and an actual gift is my preference to give.

When Kevin and I got married, we received quite a bit of cash, checks, and gift cards. Do you know how helpful those were in starting our new life together? While I had to return quite a few gifts because they were duplicated (I can't remember how many towels I returned, stainless steel bowls, etc), we had plenty of immediate uses for the monetary gifts! We got our curio cabinet for our china, I stocked our pantry, and I made many trips to Wal-mart and Target to fill in all those household items that you don't think of when you're registering, um, china and sheets!

Emily Post may not agree with me, but that's quite all right by me! A gift is a gift. It is not a payment, or something that is owed. The receiver should be thankful no matter what the gift. In our entitlement society, the giftee feels entitled to demand thoughtful and meaningful gifts. I'm glad that the people I give gifts to do not feel this way!

Do you give gift cards as gifts? If you receive a gift card do you feel as though the person giving the card has not put any thought into it?


Jammy said...

I would seriously LOVE a giftcard, and shame on the person being critical to think it rude in the first place. I think that is pretty nervy in itself.


Heather said...

I do give gift cards occasionally, but I always feel as if they are a sad substitue for a gift. I do tend to get them for people who are hard to buy for. I think it comes from my desire to pick out the *perfect* gift for someone, and I see the gift card as less thoughtful when I am on the giving end. However, even though I dislike giving them, I love getting them. I guess I am a bit inconsistent in my views, lol.

D said...

They make giving eaiser when you don't know what to buy for the person. I love getting them too!

Just Theresa said...

I have always thought that gift cards was a good idea. It's hard to buy something for people you don't know well or don't have a clue on what a person likes. A gift card helps with this problem.

I LOVE gift cards. Very good post.

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Gift cards are safer than checks and don't cost a mint to mail. Postage is too too expensive if family isn't close. I can do alot of shopping ina brief amount of time with cards.

Pieces From Me said...

I think gift cards are a very appropriate gift. It shows that the giver is also giving you the joy of shopping!
Love your blog and that neat sewing closet!!! Bren

Stephanie said...

I think a gift card is a great gift! You are thinking of the person and you do have to choose what store to get a card from. That takes a lot of thought sometimes.
Last Christmas my mother-in-law sent the kids each a $20 gift card for toy-r-us!! I have 5 kids! It was like they were on a treasure hunt. Dazed little creatures wandering through the store with sparkling eyes, "I can pick anything I want?!" It was very fun for them.

Susan said...

I haven't given very many gift cards, but I have received many of them . . . and I LOVE them!!! I love being able to get something I might need or something that I might not buy normally. When we were on deputation, we got a LOT of gift cards, and they were a huge blessing while we traveled. My uncle even gave us one for $100 to Wal Mart - talk about a blessing!

And I agree that it's rude to turn one's nose up at any gift! A gift is something that someone does for you just because they want to, and that is a gift in itself.

Randi said...

I personally like to buy an actual gift, but i do think gift cards are nice especially if I am in a time crunch. I love getting gift cards myself since i don't shop very much--it is all fun money!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I totally agree with your post. I like to receive (and give!) gift cards. ~Sue

Melissa said...


I'm glad you brought this up! I love giving/getting gift cards! They are great because a person can get EXACTLY what they want and you don't have to waste time trying to figure out what they MIGHT like, only to have them NOT like it and never tell you.

If one doesn't have much to spend, but wants to make it look like they kinda did, then giving gifts is better because it doesn't say how much it cost, especially if you got it on sale.


Happymama said...

Totally agree with you on this, Tammy. My birthday was Sunday and my friend gave me a gift card to my favorite clothing store, CATOs. YAY! I'm thrilled with it. She could have picked something out for me, but she knows I like to shop. I think they make great gifts and no one has ever turned their nose up to one I've given them.


Trixie said...

Hi Tammy,

I enjoy giving and receiving gift cards. On the other hand, I really enjoy presenting someone with a beautifully wrapped gift too!

If I know a special thing someone would like for a gift I will usually give it to them. If I'm not sure of someone's taste, or if they are getting married, I will give a gift card, sometimes a check.

When we got married, we simply did not need any household items. Our friends and families knew this and were so generous with gift cards. We just finished using the last of them. They come in so handy!

Take Care,


ashikur rahman said...

i don't differ between gift card and gift........its all about sending message of love and friendship.......:D

annecourager said...

Gift cards rule! I guess we all defy Emily Post here on this one. I am just glad for their thinking of me and giving me a gift, no matter if its an item or I get to "pick my own"

cabcree said...

ha, ha, should I disagree to disagree? LOL! Actually, I do not disagree. I like gift cards then I can buy what I want to buy. I also like registeries. I'm not the greatest gift buyer...so tell me what you like.

However, I have wondered if they aren't a little rude to give, but it appears most people (here at least) like them. So I won't worry about it.

Amy ~ said...

Great post! I love to receive gift cards. I feel it makes the reason for the card (Christmas, Birthday etc) go on much longer and I get to pick out ANYTHING I want. Restaurant gift cards are great too because we don't always have the money to go out to certain places and with a gift card we can!

We do give gift cards especially to those that are hard to buy for.


Sandi said...

I have started giving gift cards in the past two years. Not all the time, but I would rather give someone that they something they will never use. Another thing I have started doing is giving people disposable gifts. Like this weekend for my Dad's b-day I am giving dried apricots, cashews and oysers (yucky but he loves them).

Jodi said...

Tammy ~ What a great post idea; this was so much fun to read all the comments on!

Just for the record, I occasionally give 'em and gladly receive 'em! :o)

Kelley said...

I love gift cards and don't think it is thoughtless...especially if you think of it from the vantage point that someone wants you to have something that you really want.

Mrs. U said...

We LOVE gift cards, too!!

I've read about scams, too. We have only ever had 1 problem with a gift card. We were given an Applebee's gift card and we went to eat there and use it. When it was time to pay, Mr. U gave the waitress the gift card. She came back and told us how much she was still due. Huh??? The gift card should have covered it PLUS left some as leftover. We have NO idea why almost 1/2 the amount was missing (there was $17.81 on the card- strange). But, thankfully, that was the only time we've had problems with gift cards.

Good post!!

Mrs. U

Mrs.B. said...

I agree with you Tammy! We give gift cards or even $$ quite a bit as gifts because we live so far away from both of our families.--It's hard to know what someone would like or need when you're not a part of their day-to-day life.

Also, I think it's a great way to give a gift that won't clutter someone's house...They can pick the exact thing they'd be able to use.

And like you said--They're spending money on me. That in itself is thoughtful! (o: