Saturday, July 14, 2007

~Back from IKEA!~

We had a nice time today at IKEA! I took my camera and was going to take pictures...but I forgot. LOL

IKEA is so fun to shop at. The first time we went, we lived in California. I don't remember having heard of IKEA previous to our first time there, but I looked up "furniture" in the phone book, and IKEA was listed, and we went. I had birthday money that I spent, if I remember correctly.

Today I got glasses (a dozen for $5.99):

They are nice and sturdy, and hold up well. This is the third time I've bought them.

This nifty tea light holder:

And then also a pillow, tea infuser, wooden spoons, measuring cups, six little bowls, which are the perfect size for servings of things like applesauce, yogurt, and ice cream, kitchen shears, a picture frame, spice jars with nice little lids which you can sprinkle or pour from, and a clock.

IKEA is the type of store where impulse is fun. You just never know what you need till you see it. LOL The bowls and glasses were the only items I was planning to get before we went, but I did had a budget for my spending, and took a few things out of my cart in order not to overspend.

I really wanted this magazine holder, but the only one they had was the model. It just seems like the perfect thing to keep knitting projects in. I could keep it in the living room, don't you think? I thought that I'd order it online, but I see that it isn't available online. Oh, why, oh why? LOL

Now I need to go do a few things about the house so that Sunday and next week go well!


Susan said...

I **love** to go to IKEA, but I'd never heard of it till we moved to Vancouver. If your glasses are the tallest ones, you have mine! It's the only place here that I could find really big glasses like we were used to in Texas. It is a great place for impulsive purchases, and I also buy their skirt hangers, a few at a time. Wes bought me a set of pots and pans there too.

Heather said...

I love IKEA too - but don't think there is one close by our home now! My sister and I used to go to one in Toronto and we would make a day of it, but we always found ourselves in the clearance where we got some great hings very cheaply. Enjoy your finds!

I have been enjoying reading over your blog and ! am glad you have been visiting my blog and commenting!

I looking forward to getting to know you better! I appreciate your kind comments!


Mrs. C said...

You picked the perfect place for the votive holder under that window. It is beautiful! Glad you had a fun day. :)

Mrs. U said...

Oohh!! We love IKEA, too!! I completely understand what you said that it's the type of store where impulse is fun!! LOL!! We were just at one near us 2 weeks ago and I went in and didn't need a thing. Well, we left with far more than just a table that Mr. U needed!!

Mrs. U

Mrs.B said...

I just love the votives under the stain glass window---just lovely! (o:

Mishel said...

Ohhh, I *love* the candle holder--so pretty! I am sad to say there is not an IKEA near us (2 hours away). : (

annecourager said...

*sigh* I can't get my husband near an IKEA. :) And I don't like to shop THAT much, and t0 drive 30 minutes to shop is rather foreign to me...but, one of these days I will make a field trip to IKEA. :) :) CUTE stuff you got, yes!

Tammy said...

Anne...tell your husband that Kevin went with me and shopped with me, and we drove 2 hours to get there. =D You do have to go! It's so worth the drive!