Thursday, July 19, 2007

~Garbage Bags~

A month or so ago, I was standing in the household goods aisle at the grocery store, and suddenly I had a great thought.

"If I spend a cent or more per bag, maybe my trash will stay in my garbage bags!"

And so, I broke down and spent a little more for trash bags. For the seven years I've been married, I have been buying the cheapest garbage bags possible. Guess what? You get what you pay for! For seven years I've been cleaning up garbage left from split seams and gaping holes in my trash bags.

I'm taking my trash bags to the next level! *Giggles* Seriously though, the bags I bought were not that much more than the cheap-o bags I used to buy. They are nice and sturdy, and I haven't had one leakage problem since!

Sometimes, it pays to spend a little more! This is one such case!

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HopiQ said...

This is ME! I now let my husband get trash bags when he is out so I no longer have to weigh this decision in my mind. He has no problem getting the sturdy bags that are definitely worth it! :)