Thursday, July 05, 2007

~My Holiday~

I hope everyone had a great 4th! We had a very nice day, spent at home in the morning, and then over to a friend's for the afternoon and dinner. I took along my afghan and worked on it while we talked. It's growing:

Stripey goodness:

On the way home, we saw fireworks, and stopped to watch them. It was a nice little show! We pulled off a side street and didn't have to hassle with any traffic once they were over. I tried the fireworks setting on my camera, which was the first time I've used it. I think I need a tripod if I'm going to try it again. One shot was ok:

But then the rest look like this:

We got home late and I slept in this morning a bit. I decided to have breakfast at Panera Bread. I had a cinnamon crunch bagel and a cup of tea. I would have had a chai tea latte, but their espresso machine was undergoing regular maintenance. That saved me some money and calories. LOL

While I ate breakfast, I read a library book, French Women Don't Get Fat. It is quite an interesting read. I suppose I shouldn't have been reading a diet book while eating though. *Grin*

Then I went shopping. It seems everything of mine is dilapidated and in need of replacing: shoes, purse, etc. etc.. So I got some of those things. I am always in a hurry when I'm shopping, and it's hard to pick out those items when you're in a hurry!

I bought three pairs of shoes. If you've read my 101 List, you may have seen that one of my goals was to buy three pairs of shoes during one shopping trip. That may seem like an odd goal, but I greatly dislike shopping for shoes, and I have a hard time finding shoes that fit me! My shoes practically fall apart before I get around to replacing them, that's how much I dislike shopping for shoes! So a three-shoe shopping trip would be a marvelous feat.

And it was:

Yes, two of them are the same. But that bow! I couldn't resist!

I went to a near-by town and had lunch at a little cafe-style restaurant...again reading my book. I was glad to have the book, because the service was a little slow. But that was fine by me, I had plenty of time to read! I took a little walk along a river after lunch. I spotted these pretty flowers (or weeds?):

That pretty much sums up my little holiday! While I did do a lot of shopping, I spent my time browsing, so I don't feel tired from rushing about! I feel refreshed and ready to go back to work tomorrow! *Smiles*

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have commented on the gift card post. It has been fun to read the comments!


Jodi said...

Tammy ~ how wonderful to have a day off! :o) I love your new shoes .. very cute!

I'm always struck by the colors of your ripples when you show your afghan. You really did a great job when you chose them.

I would love to know what you think of your book, French Women Don't Get Fat. I've heard rave reviews on it here and there, but no one I knew (so it's a little harder to size up their opinions).

I'm sorry your impatiens are misbehaving still. I agree, it must be something in the soil. *sigh* Hope it shapes up before growing season is over.

Ruth said...

I just bought those exact same style of shoes at Payless this week...the black sandals with white stitching. You have good taste. :-)

Mishel said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! And I *love* the bows too! : )

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Your leisurely day of shopping sounds like fun!! The bow shoes are too cute!!

Mrs. U said...

Cute shoes!!! What brand is the pair of sandals? I would love to have a pair like that!!

Your afghan, like everything you create, is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Mrs. U

cherylharrell said...

I once yrs ago went to 20 shoe stores & couldn't fit a thing that fit me. Cuz of my wide feet lol.

That afghan is sooo cute. You need to give crocheting lessons. My crochting looks like a little kid did it lol... :)

Heather K said...

Your afghan is coming along so nicely... it's going to be so pretty.

I can relate to the shoe dilemna... I'm the same way about buying new shoes... they're very hard to find!