Thursday, November 02, 2006

~Happy Birthday to Me~

Today is my 30th birthday. Thirty random things about me...
1. I learned to drive on a stick shift. My dad lived to tell about it, and did he ever talk!
2. My shoe size is 7 1/2.
3. I don't bound out of bed in the morning with a smile on my face. It's just not happening, folks. I've been trying (and trying the patience of those who are waking me up in the morning) for 30 years now.
4. I've been snorkeling in Hawaii. Very fun, as long as the fish food was no where near me. I couldn't handle the fish swarming around me!
5. Roller coasters and I are not friends. In fact, if a ride entails a shoulder harness, count me out!
6. I have a bit of a southern accent, just every great once in a while. It came from having two southern friends in the same period of time. Those "ings" got shortened to "n"; you know: makin, fixin, shoppin, etc. Funny how friends can influence you, isn't it? (My family is all saying right now, "she does NOT have a southern accent!" LOL)
7. My first job was working as a church secretary. I absolutely loved that job! The only reason I left it was to marry my husband. (Well worth it, of course!)
8. I have had several jobs since then that I have hated as much as I loved my first job.
9. The only time I've been out of the USA is a short little jaunt over the Canadian border last spring.
10. I've never dyed my hair.
11. I've never gotten a ticket, though I'm sure I have deserved more than one!
12. I like my coffee with two sugars and some creamer. I go back and forth from not drinking any coffee, to drinking it every morning.
13. I'm totally addicted to knitting. When I go out, I end up staring at people because I'm trying to figure out how their sweater was made!
14. I used to mow my grandpa's lawns every week when I was a teenager. When my dad told my grandpa that he was giving me the same amount that my dad's grandma had given him for mowing lawns, my pay got upped. Cool. *Grin*
15. My favorite fast food is Taco Bell. My order is usually for a bean burrito, no onions, and a hard shell taco. I always use a whole packet of mild hot sauce for the hard shell taco.
16. I'd rather be hot than cold. My husband would rather be cold than hot. As you can imagine, this will sometimes cause problems.
17. My sisters and I had pet ducks when we were younger. Ducks are fun and have personalities. We played for hours with our feathered friends.
18. When I was younger, I almost always turned my chores into a game or make believe. I wasn't cleaning my room, I was the fairy straightening up someone else's room. Or I was the storekeeper, or I was the maid. If my sisters were helping, we pretended that we were orphans and the head of the orphanage was mean. We'd sing, "I wish I had a mother" to a tune all our own. (As our mom, who wasn't mean, and who was our mother, worked out in the kitchen and heard everything!)
19. I was 21 years old when my baby sister was born.
20. I taught 2nd and 3rd grade (a combined class) at a Christian school, for one year.
21. I love traditional, old fashioned Christian music. I like to hunt through old records at thrift stores and buy them to listen to. (Yes, I have a record player!)
22. I don't store stuff under my bed.
23. I have four siblings who were also born in November, but none of us landed on the same day. There are three of us right in a row though!
24. I do not like shopping for shoes. Or purses. Or clothes.
25. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough. Yummmmmy!
26. Whenever anyone sees a picture of my family, they always tell me how much I look like my dad.
27. I'm terrible at returning e-mails! I do try though!
28. I'm a night owl. Maybe that's why I have problems getting up in the morning!
29. When other bloggers post lists like this, I just scan through them--I don't read every word. So don't worry, if you don't read them all you're not hurting my feelings. LOL
30. Today's my 30th birthday. Oh wait, you already knew that, didn't you? *Smiles*


Martha C said...

Happy birthday! I hope it will be wonderful. I am not looking forward to my 30th that will be here in two months. There is something sad about leaving your youthful twenties :-(

P.S. I enjoyed reading that stats regarding you:-)

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day! I hope it is a terrific day for you!

Anonymous said...

A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Hope you enjoy your day. We had pet ducks when I was little too. We always wanted to hold the babies but the mamma ducks weren't too keen on the idea. But, boy are they CUTE!


Christine said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy! Thanks for the fun facts about you.

Paula said...

Wishiing you a very happy day!

I, too, hit the BIG 30 this year, and I'm feelin' it!

Mrs. C

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with God's blessings!

Cindi said...

Happy Birthday Tammy! I hope you are truly blessed by our Lord this next year!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Tammy! We're almost the same age. You're only four months younger than me :)

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Tammy!!!!

I read every word and we have lots in common. Ditto on 3,5, 11, 12, 21, 24 and 27! I looove my record player and always look through the piles of records at shops. My kids listen to the same records I did when I was little. You don't happen to have any "Evie" records do you? She is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tammy!! I hope you have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a memorable 30th birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

You said:

I'm totally addicted to knitting. When I go out, I end up staring at people because I'm trying to figure out how their sweater was made!

Me too! I got so distracted during Bible study this morning trying to figure out the cuff of my sweater.

Have a wonderful day!

Julieann said...

(((Tammy))) Happy, Happy Birthday to you my friend:)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! LOLOL and I skimmed, but got the part about you skimmng...cracked me up!

Hope your day is a great one!

Leigh said...

A very, very happy birthday Tammy!!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day.

Take care,

Birdie said...

Happy birthday (from someone who also had pet ducks)!

Her said...

Happy Birthday Girl!! God bless!

Kristi said...

You cheated on the last one!! :)

Just kidding...that was cute. We have several things in common. I do not enjoy shopping for shoes or clothes. I do, however enjoy a pretty purse, but I don't go shopping for them. And I thought I was the only one that skimmed over long posts. LOL


Kristi said...

I wished you a Happy Birthday on your last post, but I'll say it again...Happy Birthday!


Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy! I hope you have a blessed birthday and a wonderful year, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!!

Mrs. U

tkrimms said...


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday! Hope it was a good one....and btw, your socks look so nice and warm! You did a great job! :)

ampraisingHim said...

Happy birthday, belated, sorry.
I enjoyed reading each item on the list. May the Lord truly bless you each and every day this coming year. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Mine is tomorrow :) I will be 29!

Have a blessed year ahead!

Unknown said...

Happy belated Birthday wishes!

And Happy Sandwich Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tammy, I love you're blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th b-day!!! I hope it was really special for you!
I used to LOVE Taco Bell and I would get the bean burrito everytime too! :)

Laura said...

Hope you had a wonderful day! Loved your list...can't believe you haven't dyed your does that mean at thirty you don't have any grey hair? Now that's something to be thankful for! :) Laura

Mishel said...

Happy Birthday Tammy!!! : ) It was great fun reading "30" things about you...and yep, I read every one! LOL

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Tammy! So glad you had a great day. :)