Thursday, June 28, 2007

~I'm killing my flowers with water and dirt~

My impatiens aren't doing as well this year, as they did last year. I've had four or five plants just completely die. Just like that, they're dead! I had to buy some more plants to fill in the holes in my flower bed, and while I was at the nursery, I got a little help. First of all: too much water. Secondly: I mixed in top soil and I guess that was a bad thing to do. It holds the moisture in, which doesn't seem like a bad thing to me, but I guess it is if there is too much moisture to hold in.

I'm glad that:
a) Nothing is eating them. I couldn't imagine what it might be.
b) There were plenty of red impatiens still at the nursery. I can fill my holes in.
c) The people at the nursery were helpful. I simply can't stand to shop somewhere if you know that you're not going to get any help.
d) I don't have to water so often! It's nice to know that I can go a day in between waterings. Last summer I had to water every day.


Julieann said...

Tammy, I have to say you do a lot better at your gardening then I---I am so shocked I have tomatoes this year--I just can't believe it--I think maybe it is because my daughter waters them..LOL.

Red impatiens are so pretty, I can't wait to see pictures.


Anonymous said...

Joyce sent home her fuschia with me. I'm hoping it will be fine. =)

I usually use compost around my plants. I have no idea if that is bad or not, but I haven't killed anything yet. Of course, I don't water everyday...or every other day...or...I'm really surprised my plants are dead yet. =)

Mishel said...

I wish I could go a day without watering--it's so hot and dry here, that even watering once a day is really not enough. My poor plants and roses aren't looking so good these days. : (