Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~More secrets~

If your name is "MOM" don't click here:
Well, ok, I know a lot of ladies go by "Mom", don't they? So I'll let anyone except Kevin's mom click that link!

They're in today's mail! Hope they make it in time!


Mom of Five said...

They're gorgeous! Oh, you put me to shame. Remember that picture I posted on my blog with just the cuff done on one sock, that's still all I've done! In my own defense, I've been working on a lace shawl for my grandmother, so I do have an excellent excuse.

I plan to work intensely on my socks the week after Christmas. We will still be on homeschooling break, and I will get a chance to sit down for more than 5 min. at a time. Besides, I have a feeling I'm getting a KnitPicks gift card for Christmas, so I have to finish these socks or I'll feel guilty about starting something new, lol.

Jennwith4 said...

Those are so nice! We still have to go shopping for the girls. LOL

Nikki said...

I love that pattern for those socks! I tried to knit, but it was just too hard for me. I enjoy crocheting although my little "helper" keeps me from doing it as much as I would like. And I have got to get some things done for this baby that's coming in just a few weeks!