Thursday, December 06, 2007

~The sun came out!~

Late Winter Sun on Snow Covered Landscape with Conifer Trees, Biei, Hokkaido, Japan by Aflo
Winter Sun, Biei, Hokkaido, Japan

Yesterday the sun came out of the clouds, the first time in a long time. But do not be fooled, just because the sun was out, did not mean it was warm! It was in the low 20's all day! Brrrrr...

I had to go out yesterday, and I wasn't really dressed that warmly. Go figure. I write a blog post on how to dress warmly, and then I don't even follow it. I think I've been in denial about the weather. You know, if I don't dress like it is 20 degrees outside, mabye it really won't feel like 20 degrees. Or something like that. Well, winter is here to stay this time around, I do believe!

It has been snowing off and on since last Saturday. Unfortunately, we didn't get our
leaves raked up before it started snowing, so there are lots of leaves under the snow! Last night when we came home from church, we saw some rabbit tracks, and some tracks that belonged to a smaller critter (mouse, maybe?). I thought about setting out food for the rabbit, but I've left carrots outside before, and it left it alone. Any ideas?

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


Kelly said...

Enjoying your blog! I find that the rabbits eat the birdseed that falls from our feeders......I always toss out carrots too and they are never eaten, go figure!
But I have 4 pet rabbits and they eat fresh veggies but not the ones out back in the garden.


Theresa's Notes said...

it has been 73 to 63 degrees out; here in Texas. Dressing warmly here means don't forget a sweater.(rolling eyes) I really miss the colder weather.

Debra from Bungalow said...

Tammy, I sent you an email but don't think you got it. You won the giveaway at the Bunnies bungalow! Please contact me to claim the prize.

Hugs, DebraK
Hubby pits apples out for the rabbits.

Debra from Bungalow said...

puts apples out....sorry for the typo

Mom of Five said...

Snow! I'm so jealous! Here in Louisiana, if it snows, we shut down the whole state, lol.

I was wondering if you were with Ravelry yet. I was going to add you to my friends list, but there are so many people, I'm having a hard time finding "my" Tammy.

Tammy said...

Thanks, DebraK. I sent you an e-mail! =)

Mrs. H, my user name on Ravelry is "Tammy". I got my invite quite a few months ago, but I haven't really visited the site much. I guess I should, huh?

Mom of Five said...

I have visited only enough to add a few projects and a little yarn to my "stash", but I can see where it could get addicting quite quickly, with all those yummy yarns and projects to look at. I've been trying to build up my friends list with people whose blogs I read, or I talk to on other forums, though. I am theplaceofh on ravelry.

Arlene said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought that you had taken it with your new camera... but then I read the caption, LOL! Your picture makes me homesick; we were up near Hokkaido. The scenery is beautiful, isn't it? :)

It has finally started snowing around here, and I think it will stick this time. I've tried the denial-thing, too... it doesn't work very well. Hope you'll find other ways to stay warm! :P