Thursday, February 07, 2008

~Ramblings about boots~

When I was little, my family lived in Ohio. When I was in the fourth grade, I was stylin' with the oh-so-popular "moon boots". I was so happy to have those boots. Most of my clothes back then were hand-me-downs, and while I never really seemed to care if I was in style or not, there were a few things I paid attention to, and I was thrilled to pieces when my dad took me out and bought me those boots.

However, I wasn't thrilled when one day I discovered, upon arriving at school, that I had not brought along my shoes. All I had was my very stylish moon boots. While my moon boots were stylish, they were not stylish inside the classroom! My classmates made fun of me (aren't kids so mean?) and I was stuck in my stocking feet until shoes could be procured (which if I remember correctly, was at lunch time). Was I ever so glad to get my shoes!

I don't particularly relish wearing boots these days, but if I do, I make sure to take my shoes along with me!

And speaking of fashion, "Ugg" boots are all the rage these days. In my ever-so-humble opinion, they got the "ug" part right...just forgot to add the "ly". (LOL)


Amy said...

I agree! I bought some fashionable Ugg knockoffs and they are serving me really well this winter. I think they are ugly as sin though, but they serve their purpose in these cold and nasty Indiana winters. I would never pay for the real deal though- what a waste of money.

Moon parents never bought me those. I really wanted some, but my parents were traditionalists and thought "galoshes" worked just as well.

Jennwith4 said...

LOL I agree about those Ug boots!

Anonymous said...

I think that Ugg boots are very cute, and I would love to have a pair of my own.

Anonymous said...

*gasp!* I, too, adored my moon boots as an elementary school kid. Funny, those little memories are some of the best!