Tuesday, April 01, 2008

~Home Fragrance, the healthy way~

Last December I read Mrs. Cat's article on the dangers of air fresheners. While air fresheners were used on occasion at our house it wasn't something I was spraying about the house on a daily basis. Still, I was concerned, so I decided to do something about it.

Last week (obviously it took me a while to do something about it!) I was at the health food store, and I purchased a natural air freshener. You can find out more about the one I purchased at www.miarose.com. I bought the "Vibrant Vanilla". The contents are: "An environmentally-safe biodegradable, concentrated liquid, derived from a perfect blend of pure essential oils, distilled from the peels of citrus fruit and vanilla beans, nothing else." It does the job well! ONE spray is all you need - and as the label says, there are up to 2000 sprays in the 4.6 fl. oz. bottle. Much better than other air fresheners, in fact, and now I won't need to worry about the side effects of the chemicals.

This year I have been slowly (oh-so-very-slowly!) replacing some of these hazardous household products with more "green" products. My goal is not to become a tree-hugger, but to have a healthy home environment!


Arlene said...

I have similar goals for our home. I want to maintain a clean home without compromising our family's health. I'm trying to do things with baby steps, and I don't miss all the chemicals I was using before. Good ol' baking soda, vinegar, and peroxide have replaced a lot of cleaning supplies, and they are so much easier on the budget! :)

I'll have to be on the lookout for an air freshener like the one you've shown. Thanks!

~~Deby said...

Thank you for the recommend..always looking for new ideas about things that is for sure.

Julieann said...

WoW!!! Thanks for posting this--I will definitely be on the look out for this!!!

I came over to say Hi Tammy!!!

Julieann :o)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't really sure what to write when you first posted this. And that I started to realize I've been doing sort of the same thing. I'm trying out that "green works" by clorox products. it sounded good. but if someone else knows differently about these products...let me know!!

hmmm...snoag...is the word verification. sounds like something erin would say. lol!

Tammy said...

Rebecca, I've seen the Green Works in the store, but haven't bought them to try them out. How do they work, compared to regular cleaners?

Anonymous said...

I like the floor cleaner. =) Not so sure about the tub/spray cleaner (but then I've never really liked those anyway).