Saturday, July 05, 2008

~Fourth Happenings~

Well, let's see...we had a quiet 4th celebration with just the two of us. We had hamburgers, potato salad and three bean salad for lunch. =)

We went to the park to watch the fireworks. They started at 10:30, we were there before 9:30. So lots of time to sit and talk. :-) And take pics of ourselves:

When the fireworks finally started, we discovered that they hadn't been worth waiting for.

Lots of people left within minutes of them starting, but we figured we'd waited so long to see them, we might as well watch them. The grand finale was pretty good. Next year we'll skip them. =) With all the illegal fireworks people bring over from Indiana, we could have just stayed at home and seen about the same. LOL

The most entertaining part of the evening were the fireworks created by a mother who got mad at the family in front of us. Lotsa bad words coming from her potty mouth. Shame on her!

We had a nice day together. It is always nice when Kevin has a day off work and we can spend it together!

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Lula said...

Awe, that is a sweet picture.

Thought I would come see how you were doing. It has been a while and I never see you at the Well.

Have a great day!