Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm really enjoying my glads that are in bloom now. I had hoped that they would all bloom at once, but they are blooming little by little, and that is fun too!

Next year I will try to plant them behind a larger plant, so that they will have some support. A few of them have toppled over.

And just for fun, a bloom off a butterfly bush that I bought at a farmer's market. The flowers start off white and then turn pink. Fun, fun! This plant grows fast too - it is supposed to get up to 5 ft tall! (It is an annual.)


Susan said...

They're beautiful, Tammy! I love glads.

Heather Anne said...

Your glads are so pretty Tammy - they are so cheerful. I didn't plant any this year because last year the moles thought they were a gourmet treat! I have been enjoying our down the lave neighbor's though - all in shades of pink and white - about 300 in a row! Quite splashy.

Tori Leslie said...

Your orange and yellow ones are incredible! Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

ooooh so pretty! I love glads. But I don't like the digging them up every winter. Do you have to do that or do you find they are close enough to the house they don't freeze?

I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy all your photos in general -- they really add a lot to your blog!

Take Care,