Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We live in an interesting society. It all started with a cup of spilt coffee and a law suit to McDonald's, and now, 14 years later, lawsuits against companies are rampant. Instead of people taking personal responsibility (oops, I spilled my cup of coffee - I need to be more careful) it becomes the problem of the company (you gave me coffee that was too hot). A little side note - who wants lukewarm coffee anyhow???

So last night we were in a meeting, and one of the guys sat on a chair. But he didn't stay in the chair long - he was soon on the floor. He had straddled the chair backwards, and the chair tipped over. All of a sudden, the chair was a "terrible" design, and why did the facilities have these ridiculous chairs? And since his back was terribly hurt, he insisted on filling out an accident form. But interestingly enough he didn't want medical treatment.

Why was it the chair's fault? The manufacturer of the chair did not design the chair to be straddled backward. (And I must add that my own husband and many others throughout the 5-week class were able to sit on the chair backwards, without falling from it). Why was it the fault of the company who bought the chairs?

I hope he doesn't sue. But people bring forth more ridiculous lawsuits on a daily basis, and win, or settle out of court.

Whatever happened to personal accountability?


Susan said...

Don't get me started on this! LOL I'll just say I agree with you 100% and I have to bite my tongue - or not - whenever I listen to the news these days! ;)

jen said...

so totally frustrating I agree. Take some responsibity folks.

What does this teach kids? Not to take any responsibitity for your actions and cash in whenever you can?

Great post!

All the best with the new baby on the way.

My hubby and I were married 10years before we had our little boy
(took a LONG time and many questions comments from others that added to the stress) but he is 2 now and it is so fun!)

love Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% Tammy! (o:

I just had to share word verification letters spelled 'colon'. (o;

Charity said...

I agree! People are being taught at such a young age that everything is someone else's fault. No wonder there is so much blame shifting.

Thank you for your kind words and support on my blog Monday. It means so much.

Anonymous said...

I so agree! It rather "burns my britches" to watch this stuff happen. "It's my right to sue and get as much money as I can" (or whatever it might be). Besides we are lucky to have these sorts of avenues for things that are important and they are wasting them on unimportant coffee and cracker jacks.
For the guy and the chair. Oh brother. Let it go. You made a mistake, so what. Sorry...didn't meant to rant so much. :)

Joyce's Ramblings said...

The devil works in mysterious ways. Law suits that give people money for no real good reason is one way. People that are forced to settle rather than fight for right is another. Where are we all going in this handbasket?

Sandi said...

Here, Here! Good for you. I agree with you 100%!