Friday, December 12, 2008

~A Bowlful of Memories~

At a recent doctor visit, I learned that my iron is a little low, and the nurse gave me a sheet that lists iron amounts of various foods. The food on this list that is highest in iron is Cream of Wheat. So, I switched from my morning bowl of oatmeal to Cream of Wheat.

It brought back a flood of memories! The summer I was between 1st and 2nd grade, my family had an extended visit in California, where we stayed with my great-grandparents. When my great-grandma would make Cream of Wheat for breakfast, my great-grandpa would pour his orange juice over the cereal.

I remember begging to be allowed to do the same. My mom eventually let me do it, warning me that once I did it I still had to eat it. =P Well, I loved it, and continued to copy my great-grandpa each morning we had Cream of Wheat.

I haven't been pouring orange juice over my cereal, just remembering that it was done. And I don't make the cereal lumpy (it is, after all, called Cream of Wheat for a reason), even though as a child I thought the lumps were great. LOL

It is amazing how a simple bowl of cereal can bring back so many memories!


Mrs. U said...

YUM! I LOVE Cream of Wheat!! We ate it often growing up, but it sure doesn't fill me up when I make it now! HAHA!!

My mom always put applesauce in ours, but when we were with my grandma, she always put sugar and milk!! MMMM!!! I still love it both ways!!

I had NO idea it was so high in iron! Fabulous!

Mrs. U

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Cream of Wheat is a memory that I still enjoy once in awhile. When I was young I liked it better than oatmeal. Isn't it amazing how a simple cereal can be so good for you. Not everything has to be new and improved.

Tori Leslie said...

Awww, that's a sweet memory and good for your iron too!

Julieann said...

Tammy--I am sorry I am so absolutely late with this--CONGRATULATIONS on your baby--I am absolutely thrilled for your upcoming arrival--I got the goosebumps when I read your story

(((Gentle Hugs)))


P.S. Love the *new to me* blog look:)

Susan said...

Little things like that bring back memories for me, too! I don't like cream of wheat, though, so no good memories there! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that iron! Gotta keep it up during pregnancy :) - I know I gotta think of it too...

Amy said...

That is how I feel about cocoa wheats. Do you think those might improve my iron? :)

It is funny how a smell can take you back to a memory like that. If you can believe it, my husband was born without a sense of smell which makes me sad and happy for him at the same time. Dirty diapers? Can't smell it. Yummy food? Can't smell it!I can't imagine!

Desiree said...

We ate it a lot growing up too. I like to mush up a ripe banana, and then add the hot cream of wheat on top and mix it in. Very good. I didn't know it was so high in iron. I take desicated liver to keep my iron up. It works wonders.