Monday, August 10, 2009


If you look on the sidebar, I am keeping a running tally of my 2009 canning efforts. This summer, I have a lot of grand plans for canning. The list I've made is pretty unrealistic! But it is fun to dream anyhow. :-)

Today I canned green beans. It was the first time I've used the pressure canner that my MIL gave me. It worked great! I got seven pints of green beans. Now to procure more green beans!

There is such a great feeling that comes with putting food up!


lauramichelle79 said...

Green Beans are my favorite. HUbbies Mamaw always canned them. I need to learn how to do it. Green Beans from the NC mountains are the best. I can make a meal out of them

Jennwith4 said...

I want to learn how to can but my husband would kill me if I brought home more stuff to put in the kitchen.

Mrs. U said...

Tammy!! You amaze me!! A new little blessing AND you still have energy to do all this!! Wow!!!

Mrs. U