Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've been contemplating a new set of dishes for a while. I have my china which I use for special occasions, and I have a set of dishes that are decorated with apples, which I use for everyday. My apple decorations that I have hanging in the kitchen are starting to look a little dilapidated and the dishes have broken here and there.

I looked at the dishes in WalMart and Meijer, but even the cheaper ones were still expensive. Then I started thinking about and looking at Fiestaware. It is so bright and cheerful! Kevin and I looked at it in several stores, and finally I made up my mind! I decided to get Fiestaware. Fiestaware is expensive, but it is always on sale somewhere, and it is so sturdy! There are two different place settings you can get, and the difference is in the cups. There is a 5-piece place setting that comes with a cup and saucer. Or there is a 4-piece place setting which comes with just a mug. I chose to buy the 4-piece place settings.

We were in Macy's Friday night and the saleslady came to see if we needed help. She alerted us to a good sale on Wednesday and said we could pre-purchase using the sale price, but we would have to pick them up on Wednesday or later. Kevin decided to get me two sets for my Christmas present. And since I was still hanging on to my birthday money, I decided to buy two more sets.

The sets that I have pictured in this post are the colors that we got; Cobalt, Lemongrass, Chocolate, and Scarlet. All the images came from Betty Crocker's site. I usually get some money at Christmastime, and if that is the case this year, I plan on purchasing two more sets. I think I'll wait to begin using the Fiestaware until I have six sets. That way I can clear the cupboards out and just have the Fiestaware in the cupboards. I am so excited about my new dishes!


Susan said...

I love the deep, rich colors! They'll be fun to use. I've been looking at dishes lately - mine are all bits and pieces of two different sets - but we also need new dining room furniture, so I'm saving toward the dining room.

Charity said...

Beautiful colors!! I recently bought new everyday dishes as well.
So will you be redoing your whole kitchen now? What fun!

HopiQ said...

Fiestaware is so bright and cheerful, and I love the mix and match look with different colors. My brother and SIL have lots in all different colors. LOVE!

Barbara said...

Great color choices! Hope you enjoy your new dishes. Another good source for place settings and serving pieces may be JCPenney. I've seen Fiestaware in their "Cooks" catalog.

Anonymous said...

You will love your Fiestaware! I chose to use half dark blue pieces (like yours) and half light blue pieces in my blue and yellow (with touches of green) kitchen. Best dishes I've ever had!
JoAnn in VA

Polish Pottery said...

wonderful stoneware! the 3rd set is very similar to pottery made in Boleslawiec