Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~I have a shiny thumbnail~

When you go to the mall, do you see those kiosks with the special lotion? The ones where the salespeople try to squeeze lotion on anyone passing by?

Well, the other day we were at the mall, and my hands were oh-so-very dry -- to the point that they were starting to crack. Now normally, I will do anything I can to avoid this type of kiosk, but I figured I needed lotion, so "why not?"

Here's why:
:::after getting my sample of lotion, I'll be drawn over to the kiosk to further examine the lotions
:::after the saleslady discovers that I really don't want to buy lotion, she'll try to get me to buy something else
:::she'll grab my hand and start buffing my thumbnail, all the while explaining the great benefits of not polishing my nails (which I never do anyhow)
:::after I admire my lovely shiny nail, she'll try to get me to buy the nail-buffing kit
:::I really don't want the kit considering I have a similar one at home that I never use
:::and the lowest priced kit is only $29.99
:::I only have $21 in my purse and I can guarantee you I'm not putting it towards lotion and a buffer!
:::I kindly say "no"
:::and walk away
:::and the "manager" calls me back over
:::and says he'll pay the commission and he can lower the price to $22
:::which, if you're keeping track I still don't have enough money
:::and I say "no, I really don't have the money for it today" (or tomorrow...or next week)

As I walked away, I determined to not ever get sucked into the vicinity of this type of kiosk again!


Anonymous said...

I've had that one shiny nail before! Sue

Open Roads Mama said...

I hear you! I can totally relate :)

Susan said...

They have those in Canada too! ;)

Heather said...

I've been tempted to pretend I'm deaf or don't speak English at those kiosks. Confession time: One man was so persistent I actually pretended I was deaf once. (I studied sign language interpreting once upon a time.)

Tammy said...

Heather, that's hilarious! When I see these kiosks, I usually start an animated conversation with Kevin and pretend I cannot see them. Or else I intently look into whatever store windows we're passing by.

Anonymous said...

UGH! I so hate those!!!

bopeep said...

I hear you girl...
Been there done that..
Prayers, Bo