Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~Same old, same old~

I was thinking about my breakfast routine this morning, mostly because I mixed it up a little. Instead of coffee, toast, and eggs, I went to Starbucks and had oatmeal and coffee.

So I was thinking how I almost always have exactly the same thing every single morning, prepared almost exactly the same way. It's a simple routine for a simple, yet delicious-to-me breakfast. I start the coffee, start the eggs, start the toast. Tend to the eggs, butter the toast, take the eggs out of the pan. And then I sit down and eat. Mmmmm, I love my daily breakfast!

And my Starbucks oatmeal? It was very good! For my birthday, my parents gave me a Starbucks gift card. If you go to the Starbucks site, you can register your card. You'll get a free drink in your birthday month, and there are other perks too - like two hours of wi-fi each day. Yesterday it was a pleasant surprise to get a coupon in the mail for a free bowl of oatmeal! I used that along with a Starbucks coffee bag that had a coupon for a free cup of coffee for a nice little breakfast out!

So what do you do for breakfast? Do you eat breakfast? And do you mix it up or do the same thing every morning?


~~Deby said...

oh Tammy, I am a bit husband makes breakfast every morning...we have a 2 egg, diet cheese omelet...and then coffee--we watch Fox news...he gets ready for work, to include his Bible time..whilst I make his lunch and coffee for the drive and iron his clothes...same breakfast almost everyday..maybe we need to change it up a bit, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

I love having breakfast at home too. Glad you had a good time out at Starbucks,