Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~WIP Wednesday~

It's been awhile since I've done a WIP Wednesday! Here is my current WIP (Work in Progress):

A sweater for The Baby, using the free pattern Mossy Jacket. I haven't added details to my Ravelry page yet, but I'll do that soon. You can find my projects here.

I am making the 12-month size, but my gauge is a little off so it is probably closer to the 18-month size. That's ok, it will give The Baby the rest of the winter and spring to wear it. :-) This will be my first sweater! I started a sweater for myself long, long ago, but it got frogged. I am moderately pleased with how this sweater is coming out. The neckline is a little big which gives it a bit of a homemade look. But once it gets sleeves and is blocked I'll probably like it more!


Charity said...

It's so cute!! I haven't made a sweater either, but after finishing that cape for my grandmother a sweater seems more achievable! :) I want to try the February Lady's sweater, or maybe I should start with the baby version. It's in that Zimmerman book my hubby gave me. I can't wait to see Baby's finished sweater!

Open Roads Mama said...

beautiful! can't wait to see the finished sweater! :)

Susan said...

Love the color! I'm a little over halfway done with my first knitted dishcloth! ;) I hope to make a sweater someday, but for now the dishcloth will do. Can't wait to see your finished sweater.